The Dark Shadows Wiki

Appropriately, shadows seem to appear throughout the entire series.

Shadows, Shadows, Everywhere[]

Shadows of actors, boom microphones, cameras, and crew members often make unexpected appearances, as do the real thing. Look for them at most inopportune times and locations. They are frequently fleeting across faces, floors, and furniture.

Dark Shadows Revealed[]

Although dark shadows were frequently revealed at unforeseen times and locations, the really Dark Shadows were never revealed and remain a mystery to this day.

Dark Shadows in the dialogue[]

Did you know that Dark Shadows was only uttered in the dialogue four times in the entire original series? Here are the quotes.

“…Collinwood, with all its dark shadows.” – Roger Collins, Episode 46 @ 5:23

“Another touch of blackness has been added to the dark shadows that fill the halls of Collinwood.” – Victoria Winters, introduction, Episode 65.

“What a primitive mind you have Trask… There are other ways of helping you other than running around repeating everything that you say publicly. No, I think it would be best if I just remain in the dark shadows.” – Gerard Stiles, Episode 1162 @6:04

“For as long as they lived, the dark shadows at Collinwood were just a memory, of the distant past.” – Thayer David, Episode 1245, parallel time, final scene, Epilogue.