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A sedative is a substance that induces sedation by reducing irritability or excitement. At higher doses it may result in slurred speech, staggering gait, poor judgment, and slow, uncertain reflexes. Doses of sedatives such as benzodiazepines, when used as a hypnotic to induce sleep, tend to be higher than amounts used to relieve anxiety, whereas only low doses are needed to provide a peaceful effect. Sedatives can be misused to produce an overly-calming effect (alcohol being the classic and most common sedating drug). In the event of an overdose or if combined with another sedative, many of these drugs can cause unconsciousness and even death.

In the original series, sedatives and sleeping pills were often administered by Collinwood's resident serologist Julia Hoffman in order to calm a character down after experiencing a traumatic event, and they were frequently used to explain a character's absence from a given episode.

Episodes 1 to 650[]

104 Elizabeth gives Victoria a sedative to calm her down from her near hit and run ordeal, it will help her sleep soundly.
127 Elizabeth gives Victoria a pill.
231 Dr. Woodard prescribes a tranquillizer to Maggie.
242 Dr. Woodard has been giving Sam sedatives since Maggie's disappearance.
276 Julia instructs Nurse Jackson to give Maggie a sedative.
295 Maggie refuses to take a pill from Dr. Woodard that would help calm her down.
329 Dr. Woodard has given Willie a sedative in order to dull the pain of his injuries.
339 Dr. Woodard has given David a sedative so he'll sleep for the rest of the night.
408 The doctor has given Barnabas a sedative.
461 Julia gives Victoria a sedative
462 Julia realizes she should have given Victoria a stronger sedative. She offers Victoria a pill to calm her, but she refuses.
472 Julia has given Elizabeth a sedative because she was upset over Roger's disappearance.
480 Dr. Lang gave Jeff a sedative.
491 Julia attempts to give Adam a sedative.
492 Julia gives Adam another sedative with an increased dosage that will last for at least 24 hours.
493 Julia left some medicine for Adam that causes him to fall asleep.
500 Julia offers Sam a sedative, he refuses.
515 Willie gives Maggie some pills so she can sleep.
518 Victoria gives Maggie some pills to calm her down.
519 Julia has given Maggie a sedative.
520 Roger took a sleeping pill last night, something he seldom does.
535 Barnabas takes a pill that will "put [him] to sleep and out of [his] misery".
563 The nurse gives Tom a sedative when he becomes agitated trying to tell Maggie about the coffin he saw in the basement.
564 Barnabas tells Willie that Julia will give him a sedative next time he digs up a dead body.
588 The doctor has given Victoria a sedative.
593 Julia gives Barnabas a stimulant. (An anti-sedative!)
604 Julia offers Elizabeth a sedative to relax. She reluctantly accepts it.
606 Julia says she gave Elizabeth a sedative. (Presumably referring to the one she administered in 604.)
615 Barnabas suggests Julia give Joe a sedative in order to stop him talking to the police.
635 The writers obsession with sedatives and sleeping pills hits Carolyn, Victoria, and Maggie. However, Adam refuses a sedative from Julia most sternly, which she offers him to help get over the grueling experience he's just faced.
636 Julia offers Victoria something to help her sleep. Professor Stokes' doctor has prescribed Adam a pill to reduce the danger of infection. [Note: This is not a sedative but rather an antibiotic.]
638 Julia gives Victoria a sedative.
639 Julia gives Elizabeth a sedative to get over the ordeal of encountering the werewolf.
643 Roger offers Carolyn some of his sleeping pills.
649 Chris asks Julia for pills to help him sleep, he wants strong ones. She is reluctant to get them for him.

Episodes 651 to 1245[]

651 Julia has given Elizabeth a sedative in order to rest overnight and forget about thought of death. Julia gives Chris the sleeping pills he anxiously wants.
652/653 Barnabas wants Julia to give Elizabeth a stronger sedative. Elizabeth refuses it and reveals she never took the previous one.
654 Julia gives Joe pills to ease the pain should he wake in the night.
655 Julia offers Elizabeth a sedative to get back to sleep. She refuses.
656 Julia gave Carolyn a sedative to calm her down.
658 Julia gives Joe an injection to help him to sleep.
698 Julia wants to give Sabrina a sedative. (Despite low blood pressure!) Ned sternly refuses.
791 Gregory gives Judith a sedative, taken orally as a potion.
815 Julia gives David an injection.
896 Julia recommends strongly that Megan give the baby aspirin for its fever. She complies.
916 Dr. Reeves has put Paul under sedation due to his erratic behavior.
917 Paul is still sedated (or at least was). Dr. Reeves has prescribed Paul a medicine. Mrs. Johnson believes people take too much medicine. Elizabeth has given Paul a double dose in with the milk, and recommends Paul be given a sedative.
926 Julia injects Michael in an attempt to shock him back to life. (An anti-sedative!)
929 Dr. Reeves has been putting medicine in Paul's food.
935 Carolyn is under heavy sedation after learning about Paul's death.
950 Jeb apparently gave Megan sedatives.
953 Megan gives Carolyn a sleeping pill.
976 Julia has given Carolyn a sedative to get over the ordeal of encountering the werewolf.
980 Julia attempts to give Carolyn sedative, she angrily refuses.
989 Cyrus gives a sedative to Sabrina.
990 The doctor has given Sabrina a sedative. (This is on top of the one Cyrus gave her in the previous episode!)
1037 Maggie has been given a sedative to help her sleep.
1051 Elizabeth is under heavy sedation, after the death of Carolyn.
1053 The doctor has given Elizabeth a sedative that he said would keep her asleep until tomorrow noon.
1067 Barnabas suggests Julia give Quentin another sedative. Later, Barnabas again suggests a sedative for Quentin.
1069 Julia finally gives Quentin the sedative that Barnabas was itching for him to have in 1067.
1102 Julia gives Maggie a sedative.
1108 Julia has given Daphne a sedative.
1117 Julia has given Roxanne a sedative.
1191 Julia will give Daphne something to calm her.