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Return to Collinwood
Dreaming of the Water

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Sebastian Shaw was an astrologer and psychic who originally moved to Collinsport from New York City in late 1970.

After Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman returned from 1995 and warned Elizabeth Collins Stoddard about the impending catastrophe that was coming to Collinwood, Elizabeth contacted Sebastian to have him draw up her horoscope for the remainder of 1970 to see if the claims were true. According to Sebastian's horoscope, there was no disaster coming and Elizabeth was convinced Collinwood would be safe.

Sebastian's strong resemblance to the late Jeb Hawkes caused much tension with the Collins family, especially Carolyn Stoddard. At first, Carolyn was convinced that Sebastian was her late husband, who had come back to her as he said he would. She went to visit him at his studio and asked him many personal questions, and also requested that he draw up her horoscope. Sebastian began her horoscope, but chose not to finish it as she was only using it as an excuse to get to know him. The unfinished horoscope was one of six events that would eventually lead to the destruction of Collinwood. Elizabeth also disapproved of having Sebastian in the house, so as to not upset Carolyn.

It would later be revealed that Sebastian lied on Elizabeth's horoscope because he was deathly afraid of what he had seen in the near future for the Collins family, as well as being influenced by his assistant, Roxanne Drew (1088). Roxanne was a vampire who had control over Sebastian, and forced him to lie so they did not lose the Collins family as clients.

Despite being unable to ease tensions with Elizabeth and other members of the family, Sebastian struck up a close friendship with Maggie Evans. A jealous Roxanne attacked Maggie, but Sebastian was able to get her safely out of Collinsport before the catastrophe struck at Collinwood.

Background information and notes[]

  • Although Sebastian and Tim Shaw from 1897 share a surname, no family connection is ever implied.
  • Sebastian Shaw was actor Christopher Pennock's third role on the show.


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