Sarah Johnson (2012)
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Ray Shirley


Dark Shadows (2012)

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Sarah Johnson



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Mrs Sarah Johnson is the mostly blind, mostly deaf maid who has been with the Collins family for decades and decades. Though she never speaks a single word of dialogue, she appears in several scenes, usually in ways meant to evoke humour.

Mrs Johnson is one of the two servants to the Collins-Stoddard family, with the other being Willie Loomis. Willie rather unkindly describes her as being "about as useful as a bucket with no bottom," but she is portrayed as loyal and persistent, if somewhat oblivious and ineffective. For example, after a horrific supernatural attack by Angelique upon Barnabas involving a massive spew of green slime, Mrs Johnson gamely tries to spritz and dry off Barnabas' face. And she apparently isn't afraid to try using a riding lawn mower, which is not bad for someone of her apparent age.

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