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Sarah Johnson
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Portrayed by

Clarice Blackburn

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Sarah Johnson

Also known as

Mrs Johnson

Year of death

1995 (negated time-line)

Manner of death

Killed by Judah Zachery (negated time-line)



Family members

Harry Johnson (Son)

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Sarah Johnson was Bill Malloy's housekeeper until his death in 1966 (46, 53). She began working at Collinwood as the housekeeper originally as a spy for Burke Devlin, but eventually came to love the Collins family.

After Mr Malloy's death, she originally believed that Roger Collins was responsible for his death (67, 69).

Early Life[]

Nothing is known about Sara Johnson's early life, though she mentioned she married a man, who she mentioned "was a man of the sea", (203) together, they had a son named, Harry Johnson (471).

Mrs Johnson had a married daughter who lived in Boston (48, 72), as well as a widowed sister she rarely visited (493, 345). Her son, Harry, had a criminal past, and she had doubts about him since (471). 

The Dream Curse[]

Julia Hoffman passed the Dream Curse on to Mrs Johnson (490), who refused to go to sleep while caring for David Collins because he had lost his voice due to a curse by Cassandra Collins (492). This greatly frustrated Cassandra's plans and she had to figure out another way to "silence" David (493). Once David's voice was restored, Mrs Johnson successfully resisted passing the curse on to him for quite a while, even planning a trip to Boston to see her sister (493), until she finally met him outside the Old House (497), having been sent there by Cassandra.


When Barnabas and Julia travelled to 1995, Mrs Johnson was one of the few people they recognized who was left near Collinwood. She was very frightened by them because they had not aged, unlike she and Carolyn (1061). While Barnabas and Julia were trying to find out what happened to Collinwood while they were gone, Mrs Johnson died at the foot of David Collins' grave (1064). Presumably when the destruction of Collinwood was prevented by the trip to 1840, it also prevented this death.


Mrs Johnson made her own mayonnaise (72), but in general her "boiled dinner" was the subject of much ridicule behind her back.

Mrs Johnson's gossip to Laura Collins about Peter Guthrie made Laura aware of Guthrie's plan to stop her and Laura killed him. Indirectly, Mrs Johnson is responsible for Guthrie's death. If not for her sneaky gossip, Laura would not have found out about his plan so fast. To be fair, though, Mrs Johnson telling Laura that they were having another seance had no real bearing on Dr Guthrie's death -- Laura had already tried several times to end Dr Guthrie's life anyway. Whatever Mrs Johnson said or didn't say is neither here nor there; what this comes down to is that Dr Guthrie should never have forewarned Laura -- she was well aware of his plan to stop her before Mrs Johnson said anything.

Mrs Johnson's nagging also indirectly caused Cassandra's hand to slip as she held a pin over a doll that affected Eric Lang's health. When Johnson came in screeching that she was not going to stand for something or other, Cassandra's hand slipped and the pin went through the doll's heart, causing Eric Lang to have a heart attack and die. Mrs Johnson was complaining about being expected to make breakfast for Roger and Cassandra any time they want, different times from the rest of the family. And, thanks to that, Eric is dead. Mrs Johnson was right, though -- she doesn't have all the time in the world to make a million breakfasts whenever a member of the family feels like it; she's one woman looking after an entire household. Also, who does witching in the drawing room? Save it for the privacy of the bedroom, Cassandra.


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