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Sarah Collins
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Sharon Smyth

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Sarah Collins


11 (1795)

Date of birth


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Maine, New England, USA

Supernatural abilities

(In death)

Family members

Joshua Collins (Father)
Naomi Collins (Mother)
Jeremiah Collins (Uncle)
Barnabas Collins (Brother)
Abigail Collins (Aunt)

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Sarah Collins (1786-1796) was the youngest child of Joshua and Naomi Collins and sister of Barnabas Collins. Known to be playful and worshipful of her brother, she died from exposure (415). Her death was greatly mourned by all who knew her.

Her ghost appeared to David Collins in 1967 (256) and showed him where the secret room in the Collins family mausoleum was (305), and eventually how to escape from it. She also helped Maggie Evans to escape from Barnabas (255-260), and then from Windcliff Sanitarium (294). She also appeared to Sam Evans (260), Willie Loomis (265), Dave Woodard (335), Carolyn Stoddard (348), Julia Hoffman (360), and Barnabas Collins (363).

Just before Victoria Winters left for her ordeal in 1795, Sarah confronted Barnabas and said she would not allow him to see her unless he stopped hurting people (364).

It was an attempt to contact Sarah that led to the séance (365) that brought Victoria Winters into the time-warp to 1795 to witness the events of the Collins family curse.


Early Life[]

Sarah Collins was born in 1786, to Joshua and Naomi Collins, and had an older brother, Barnabas Collins.

The Witch[]

One day in 1795, Angelique decided to hurt (possibly kill) Sarah by stabbing her doll with three black pins. Sarah, who was with Naomi at the time, screamed in pain and then passed out after yelling "It hurts!" (388). Ben Stokes, figuring Angelique was the cause of Sarah's mysterious illness, searched Angelique's room, but did not find the doll, which was underneath a pillow. Angelique discovered Ben, but then realized she could achieve her goal of getting Barnabas to marry her more easily if she pretended to heal Sarah. She did so, supposedly by brewing a tea, but while Barnabas administered the tea, Angelique removed the pins from the doll (389).


Sarah Collins dying in Barnbas's take

In 1796, After Barnabas' death and return as a vampire, Sarah saw him in the garden from a window and followed him. She eventually entered the Collins mausoleum and became trapped. While waiting for someone to let her out she saw Barnabas enter. She was horrified to see blood on his face and fled in terror, hiding in the cemetery (414). Unfortunately a storm broke at that time and she was drenched, leading to pneumonia from which she died (415).


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