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Sarah Castle
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Monica Rich


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Sarah Castle

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Sarah Castle was the young daughter of Mrs Castle, the housekeeper at the stately mansion of Collinwood in Collinsport, Maine in the early 19th century.

Sarah Castle became very close to Angelique Collins, a witch and lover to Collinwood’s patriarch, Charles Collins. Angelique once gave Sarah a keepsake and told her that so long as she held onto it, she would always remember her.

In the year 1810, Sarah was upstairs in the third-floor tower room of Collinwood, where she witnessed Angelique being executed for witchcraft on the grounds outside.

Sarah screams

Sarah screams as Angelique is executed

Little is known of Sarah’s life following Angelique’s execution, except for the fact that she passed away at a young age. Her spirit was reincarnated into the form of Carlotta Drake. Carlotta became the new housekeeper of Collinwood some time after the passing of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard in 1971. Possessing all of Sarah’s memories, Carlotta became a loyal devotee of Angelique and kept in communion with Angelique’s spirit—even to the extent of following her orders.