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Sandor Rakosi
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Thayer David

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Sandor Rakosi

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Killed by Gypsies

Family members

Magda Rakosi (Wife)

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Sandor Rakosi was a gypsy in the late 19th century. He and his wife Magda came to Collinwood for the wedding of Magda's sister, Jenny, to Quentin Collins. Sandor was the one who opened Barnabas Collins' coffin in 1897, freeing Barnabas to try to stop Quentin's ghost from killing David Collins in 1969 and to stop the werewolf curse on Chris Jennings.

Sandor and Magda were looking for the Collins family jewels when Magda sent him to open Barnabas' coffin in the secret room of the Collins family crypt at Eagle Hill Cemetery. Barnabas bit him immediately, making him his servant (702).

Sandor was eventually knifed and killed by other gypsies. Later that year, the gypsy King Johnny Romano accused Sandor's wife Magda of stealing the hand of Count Petofi. King Johnny raised Sandor from the dead to testify to Magda's innocence. Sandor was tricked into betraying her and she was sentenced to death. Later, Magda sent Sandor back to the grave in order to escape the gypsies.

Background information and notes[]

  • Sandor Rakosi was Thayer David's fourth role on the show and his first role in the 1897 story.


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