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This article is about the Samantha Drew of Parallel Time. For the wife of Quentin Collins (1840) see Samantha Drew Collins.

Samantha Drew was a close friend of the Collins family in 1841 parallel time. She was employed at Collinwood as a nursemaid to an apparently comatose Justin Collins, a role which she had held for 10 years. (1192) She was the best friend of their new secretary, the ill-fated Stella Young. When Stella's brother, Kendrick Young, first arrived at Collinwood, he sought out Samantha's help in uncovering his sister's whereabouts. Samantha was deeply upset by Stella's departure, and confessed that she had been hurt by her not even saying goodbye, but had not suspected any foul play. (1193)

Background information and notes[]

  • This was the second and final character played by Virginia Vestoff in the original series. Vestoff departed the show shortly after the character was introduced, therefore Samantha's ultimate fate was never revealed. Presumably, once Justin Collins died, whom Samantha was employed to care for, her services at Collinwood were no longer required.


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