This article is about Sam Evans of Parallel Time. His counterpart in the original time-band was the artist Sam Evans.

Sam Evans was the father of Maggie and Jennifer.

Sam worked for Quentin's father on his fishing fleet and died under mysterious circumstances whilst sailing one of the Collins' yachts. Quentin's father was questioned by the police and cleared, but committed suicide soon after. Many people speculated that it was Sam's death that drove him to kill himself.

Angelique told, her former husband, Quentin that Sam's death maybe the reason why Maggie, Quentin's new wife, was seeking revenge against the Collins family, whom Quentin suspected of being a witch. In truth, Angelique was using witchcraft, and framing Maggie in the process, in order to drive a wedge between the newly married couple.

Background information and notes Edit

  • This version of Sam never appeared in televised episodes, but was mentioned in 1052.
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