Portrait of Mrs. Sam Evans ep22.JPG

Sally Evans, the wife of Sam Evans died some years before, but was still spoken of from time to time (22, 40, 200).

Burke Devlin commented that she was a very beautiful woman, while looking over the portrait of her among the paintings in Sam's studio (22).

Bill Malloy observed that Mrs. Sam Evans was very proud of her husband (40).

Soon after Burke went to prison for his manslaughter conviction, she became seriously ill. Sam took his wife to Boston for treatment, where she died in a hospital (200).

The first name of Sam's wife was never mentioned on the show, nor was she given one by story creator Art Wallace, who merely described her as "a local girl," adding that "she was entranced by Sam Evans' enthusiasms, his fiery red beard, his palette, and the deep blue eyes that seemed to see so much more beauty than she would ever imagine." (Shadows on the Wall, p. 32)

Her name was revealed in The Paper to the Flame, from the Maggie & Quentin The Lovers' Refrain audio release, which went into detail about Sally's condition and how she eventually died.

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