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Sabrina Stuart (PT)
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Lisa Richards

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Sabrina Stuart

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Strangled by John Yaegar


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Sabrina Stuart was the lab assistant and fiancée of Cyrus Longworth in 1970 parallel time.

Sabrina was a close friend of Carolyn Stoddard Loomis and the rest of the Collins family, and had been in love with Cyrus long before he finally proposed to her. She was the only person to witness Cyrus change into John Yaeger, but she was still in love with him despite this.

As Collinwood was struck by the mysterious disappearance of Maggie Collins, Sabrina discovered that Yaeger was the one who had captured her, and she was strangled by Yaeger so he could keep his secret safe (1027). In essence, she was the ultimate victim of her fiancé's experiment (1033).


  • The parallel time version of Sabrina Stuart was actress Lisa Richards' final role on the show.


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