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Sabrina Stuart
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Lisa Richards

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The Enemy Within
The Lucifer Gambit
The Flip Side
Carriage of the Damned
Deliver Us From Evil

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Sabrina Stuart

Also known as

Sabrina Jennings


Pennsylvania, USA

Family members

Ned Stuart (Brother)

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Sabrina Stuart Longworth Jennings was the sister of Ned Stuart and the fiancée of Chris Jennings. Sabrina was originally from Pennsylvania (889). Her relationship with Chris ended abruptly when she planned a surprise party at his apartment. She accidentally happened upon his transformation into a werewolf, and the sight of it sent her into shock and turned her hair white. Chris was unaware of what had happened and assumed he had killed her.

Sabrina Stuart

Sabrina's hair turned white from shock

Nursed by her brother, she eventually regained the ability to speak, but was unable or unwilling to speak of her experience. She was returned to Collinsport by Ned and eventually reunited with Chris. Carolyn Stoddard had previously pursued a romantic relationship with Chris, but he had ended it prior to Sabrina's arrival. Carolyn became a close friend of Sabrina's and also aided in her recovery (959).

Eventually, she left Collinwood with Chris and his younger sister, Amy.

By 1973, Sabrina is living in Bangor and using the surname Jennings, having finally married Chris after their departure from Collinsport. (The Enemy Within)

She later married Cyrus Longworth.

She was present at the wedding of David Collins and Amy Jennings, and was sent back in time to 1949 (Bloodline).

Alternative fate[]

Writer Sam Hall predicted that shortly after their departure from Collinwood, Chris murdered Sabrina while a werewolf. When he discovered what he had done, he killed himself. Sabrina's body was discovered by her brother.


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