Rupert Harvey was a journalist and a psychometrist from Augusta, Maine. He had the uncanny talent to perceive psychic impressions from items through physical contact. The Augusta Police Department frequently called upon Rupert to lend his psychometric assistance in unsolved cases.

In July of 1967, Roger Collins met Rupert Harvey in a hotel lounge in Augusta. He jokingly told him that he should visit Collinwood as that would be a good place to apply his psychic talents. Rupert took Roger at his word and visited the great estate. He visited the secret room of Henry Collins and learned a great deal about the man’s tragic history.

One evening, Rupert engaged in a psychic reading in the presence of Henry Collins. He began to receive impressions implicating Henry in a fifty-year-old murder. Excited by the boisterous Rupert Harvey, Henry suffered a seizure and died in the middle of the reading.

Physical description Edit

Rupert Harvey was a tall, gaunt man with a pale face, thin lips, a hawk nose and piercing eyes. He commonly dressed in a sombre black suit, white starched shirt and a wide-brimmed hat. Victoria Winters once reflected that Rupert resembled an undertaker.

Appearances Edit

Strangers at Collins House

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