Roxanne (PT)
Roxanne Drew (PT)
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Donna Wandrey

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Roxanne Drew

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1970 PT

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Perished in fire caused by Stokes

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This article is about the Roxanne Drew in 1970 parallel time. For the vampire that lived in 1840 and 1970 regular time, see Roxanne Drew.

Roxanne Drew was a woman who was abducted by Timothy Stokes to serve as a life force for his dead daughter, Angélique Stokes Collins, in 1970 parallel time.

Biography Edit

Roxanne's lifeless body was first discovered in Stokes's house by Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman. Although they originally intended to destroy her as a means of ending Angélique's existence, Barnabas found himself struck by Roxanne's beauty and was unable to complete the task. He and Julia later took her back to Loomis House, where they were eventually able to restore her to life.

When she awoke, she was unable to speak. Barnabas treated her with such kindness that she found herself falling in love with him. When she finally regained her voice, she expressed her feelings for Barnabas and he returned them. He later said that Roxanne was the only woman who had ever made him forget Josette.

Roxanne also had psychic powers (although she did not like to use them) and was able to aid Barnabas in finding Julia after she had been hidden in the cellars of Collinwood by Angélique.

Roxanne's past, especially her mysterious relationship with Claude North, was never fully explained. It is implied that she and Claude were once lovers before Claude agreed to give her to Stokes as part of a strange agreement between the two. When Roxanne regained her ability to speak, Claude begged her to leave Collinsport forever with him, but she refused, saying she now was in love with Barnabas.

Roxanne perished in the fire that swept over Collinwood in 1970 parallel time. Barnabas never forgot her.

Notes Edit

  • Unlike the rest of the characters, Roxanne is unique in the sense that she was first introduced in parallel time, and then her counterpart was later discovered in the regular time-line.

Appearances Edit

1039, 1045, 1046, 1047, 1050, 1051, 1055, 1056, 1057, 1058, 1059, 1060

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