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Tainted Love

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Rosier was a demon who fed on giving people their heart's desire.

Arrival in Collinsport[edit | edit source]

On 31 October, 1983, Robert Fisher came to Collinwood from Boston, searching for his wife. He threatened Amy Jennings and David Collins and was then destroyed by Hallie Stokes. Hallie revealed that Robert had been tainted by the demon, Rosier. Rosier was attracted to people who were searching for something. He would fuel their needs until they became obsessions, hoping to be able to fully possess them so that he could walk the Earth.

David and Hallie went to the Collinsport mine where they encountered Jeanne Flagler. Rosier had been fuelling her obsession with her looks. Hallie destroyed her.

The following year, on 14 February, Hallie and Amy visited Eagle Hill Cemetery. Hallie wanted to perform a spell that would allow Rosier to briefly possess a recently-deceased body so that she could communicate with him. She summoned up the body of Eric Hanley. Rosier possessed him but then escaped, retaining the use of his voice.

That April, Rosier increased his hold over Hallie and encouraged her to visit the cave at Widows' Hill so she could read books that had been left there by Angelique. Hallie became more and more obsessed with David.

That July, Hallie allowed herself to be fully possessed by Rosier so that she could defeat him. She believed she did this but retained his abilities to control people, making David fall in love with her. Later, dissatisfied that David's love wasn't real, Hallie jumped off of Window's Hill and was believed by David and Amy to have died, but was actually still alive in the cave at the base of the cliffs.

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