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Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage was a house near the Collinwood estate. It was the home of Flora Collins, Desmond Collins, Gerard Stiles, and Leticia Faye in 1840.

Rose Cottage was first mentioned when Barnabas Collins and Julia Hoffman were transported to the year 1995, and found that Collinwood had been destroyed. An old and insane Carolyn Stoddard gave them a list of clues and events that happened leading up to Collinwood's destruction. One of the clues was "The night Rose Cottage was destroyed." The clue only confused Barnabas and Julia, because they had never heard of a place on the Collins estate by the name of Rose Cottage.

Following their return to their present time of 1970, the spirits Barnabas and Julia encountered in the future began to wreak havoc on the Collinwood mansion. The two children, David Collins and Hallie Stokes, were the first two residents of the house to fall under the influence of the ghosts. Eventually a dollhouse known as Rose Cottage appeared in the West Wing playroom at Collinwood, and there were two dolls inside the dining area. The dolls represented Tad Collins and Carrie Stokes, two children who lived at Collinwood in the year 1840. At times, the children from the past appeared to David and Hallie, and would often possess them temporarily.

One night, the spirits of Gerard Stiles and Daphne Harridge (two adults who lived at Collinwood in 1840 and the later of which was Tad and Carrie's governess) led David and Hallie to the real Rose Cottage, located on the far edges of the Collins estate, and referred to as the "old McGruger mansion". There, Gerard and Daphne led them into the dining area and placed the children at the table, similar to where the dolls were located in the playroom dollhouse. The ghosts of Tad and Carrie appeared and permanently possessed David and Hallie. (1096)

Quentin Collins remembers the Rose Cottege from his mortal lifetime. (1096)

In Lara Parker's third novel "Wolf Moon Rising," Collinwood's laundry room is inexplicably called "Rose Cottage". Perhaps it was located in the old playroom, which in the original series had mysteriously appeared behind a linen closet.

Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage by night

Background Information and Notes[]

  • The original dollhouse was built by Elmer Holm for his grandaughters Carol and Kathy Holm of Metuchen, New Jersey. It was bought by the Dark Shadows prop department from a rummage sale at Centenary Methodist Church in Metuchen.