Roger Collins (as portrayed by Martin Donovon) in the WB pilot is an extremely wealthy and powerful businessman. One character mentions reading about him in ForbesMagazine.


Liz Stoddard (left) and Roger Collins (right) in the WB pilot

Unlike previous incarnations of this character, the WB's Roger seemed actively malevolent, a dark and chilling personality who refused to discuss all kinds of subjects. He barely exchanged more than a few words with his son's governess and was only puzzled rather than pleased at the appearance of a long-lost cousin. Indeed, he didn't seem to care if Barnabas moved into The Old House as long as it cost him nothing.

Other versions had Liz the obvious head of the Collins family, but in this story it was clearly Roger and some complained that his sister seemed subservient as a result.

In interviews, the makes of the Pilot indicated that Roger was to become a major antagonist in the proposed series. We know nothing of his wife's fate, nor about the source of his wealth.

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