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The Ritz Hampton Hotel was an extravagant, up-scale resort in New York City in the early 1900s. Henry Collins and Benjamin Willard owned a penthouse suite at the Ritz Hampton and stayed there for many years.

In 1916, the Ritz Hampton became the scene of a tragic murder. Henry Collins feuded with a showgirl named Winifred Ray, with whom he had been having an affair. Winifred attacked Henry, forcing him to act in self-defence. Henry accidentally killed her, and fear of exposure forced Benjamin and to hide her body.

By 1927, the Ritz Hampton came under new ownership and the hotel was scheduled for demolition to make way for a new office building. Henry Collins purchased his suite from the new owners and had it broken down and re-shipped piece by piece to his family’s estate in Collinsport, Maine.

Although the building had long since been destroyed, Henry Collins’ secret room continued to exist for years afterwards.

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  • The Ritz Hampton Hotel is a fictitious setting, but is loosely based on several hotel chains that exist in the real world. The name itself is an amalgamation of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel and the Hampton Inn. The Hampton Inn is a subsidiary of the Hilton Hotel Corporation. Ironically, 1927 – the year that the Ritz Hampton was torn down is the same year that the first Ritz-Carlton hotel was constructed.

Appearances Edit

Strangers at Collins House (penthouse suite only)

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