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Richard Garner
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Hugh Franklin

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Richard Garner


Lawyer, Partner of Garner & Garner

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Frank Garner (Son)

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Richard Garner was one of the partners of Garner and Garner, the law firm that handled the legal affairs for Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (92, 94). He also represented Roger Collins during the manslaughter case that sent Burke Devlin to prison (92). He later represented Roger again when he was arrested for his involvement in the death of Bill Malloy (106). He then returned to initiate Elizabeth's divorce proceedings (246).

His brother was the original partner in Garner and Garner, but he died in 1961. His son, Frank Garner, later assumed the role of partner. Frank also became a representative of Roger Collins, when he was hired to represent him in his divorce case against Laura Collins.

Elizabeth tried to call him when she wished to change her will (577). Carolyn Stoddard spoke to him on the telephone after Chris Jennings was taken in for questioning with regards to the death of Donna Friedlander (675).

Appearances Edit

92, 94, 106, 107, 136, 246

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