Rhonda Tate was the Sheriff of Collinsport in the 1980s. She was the successor of Verne Haggerty.

After Verne Haggerty was killed by the Rankin creature, Rhonda succeeded him as Sheriff. She was unable to solve the mystery of who or what killed Susan Griffin which made her unpopular with Susan's husband, Ed.  

Rhonda's next case was investigating the murder of Melody Devereux. She and her deputy, Eric Hanley, soon found themselves struggling with a further series of murders. Struggling with the serial killings, increasing anger from the townsfolk and with her role as a single mother to Jacqueline, Rhonda became stressed and lashed out at a special meeting. The townsfolk voted her out of office and she was replaced by Maggie Evans.

As the truth behind the killings became apparent, Maggie resigned and asked Rhonda to take her job back. Rhonda then helped lead the assault on Collinwood.

Rhonda forms a strong friendship/romance with Richard Hill. The two conspire together to steal blood from the hospital to give to Barnabas Collins. Their pseudo-romance ends abruptly with Richard's untimely death.

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Rhonda is played by Lachele Carl.

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