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Reverend Strack
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Night of Dark Shadows

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Strack was a respected clergyman in the town of Collinsport, Maine in the early 19th century. A great tragedy befell Strack when his close friend, Reverend Harridge was murdered. The puritanical Strack immediately suspected that witchcraft was the cause of death.

In 1810, Strack discovered that a witch named Angelique Collins had used her magic to seduce a man named Charles Collins. So far as Strack was concerned, Angelique was also responsible for the death of Reverend Harridge (whether or not Angelique actually killed Harridge was never revealed).

Rather than trouble the local authorities, Strack preferred to keep the matter of Angelique’s arrest and subsequent trial between himself and the Collins family. She was found guilty of witchcraft and hung from the bough of an old oak tree on the Collinwood estate.

Angelique’s lover, Charles Collins, was enraged over his beloved’s inhumane execution. In a fit of anger, he murdered Strack by trampling him to death beneath the hooves of his steed.

Background Information and NotesEdit

Reverend Strack was based on the character of Reverend Trask from the original television series.

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