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Randall Drew
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Portrayed by

Gene Lindsey

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Biographical Information

Randall Drew


34 (1840)

Date of birth


Year of death


Manner of death

Strangled by Gabriel Collins.


New York



Family members

Roxanne Drew (Sister)
Samantha Collins (Sister)
Mr. Drew (Father)

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Randall Drew (1806-1840) was the brother of Roxanne Drew and Samantha Collins. He also was the uncle of Tad Collins and brother-in-law of Quentin Collins.


Early Life[]

Randall worked as a lawyer in New York. In the 1830s, a woman named Joanna Mills was dating Randall before he introduced her to Quentin. Despite the fact that Quentin was married to Samantha, he and Joanna immediately fell in love and she disappeared out of Randall's life shortly thereafter. Although Quentin and Joanna did not stay together, the result caused friction between Quentin and Randall.

Visit to Collinsport[]

He came to Collinwood in late 1840 to attend the funeral of Roxanne and find out how she died, because he was convinced she did not die a natural death. Barnabas Collins reluctantly revealed to Randall that she had come back from the dead as a vampire. Randall confronted Roxanne at her coffin one morning with a cross and forced her to face the sunlight, destroying her forever.


Randall then became involved in the mystery of the warlock who was practicing witchcraft at Collinwood. After conducting a brief investigation, he incorrectly determined it was Quentin who was the warlock (it was actually Gerard Stiles) and went to meet with Lamar Trask to reveal his evidence. While he was on his way, he was strangled by an unknown culprit. It was later revealed that he was killed by Gabriel Collins, and Quentin was framed for the murder. Quentin was arrested, but the charges were eventually dropped.


1143, 1149, 1150, 1153, 1154/1155