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Quentin Collins (1841 PT)
Production Information
Portrayed by

David Selby

First appearance


Last appearance


Episode count


Biographical Information

Quentin Collins


33 (1841)

Date of birth



Maine, New England, USA

Family members

Justin Collins (Father)
Flora Collins (Mother)
Morgan Collins (Brother)
Gabriel Collins (PT) (Brother)

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Quentin Collins was the son of Justin Collins and Flora Collins . He was the brother of Morgan, Gabriel, and Melanie Collins.

Prior to 1841, he was in prison for seven years (1204) for manslaughter. He warned Daphne Harridge that he killed a man for spreading malicious gossip about the Collins Family, similar to the story Daphne had heard earlier in the day and relayed to her sister, Catherine (1195).

Quentin had a romantic interest in Daphne, prior to her marriage to Bramwell Collins.

Quentin was the only son of Justin Collins to survive the year 1841. He was therefore the great-great-great-grandfather of Quentin Collins from 1970 Parallel Time. Roger, Elizabeth, Carolyn, Chris, and Amy Collins may have also been his descendants.


  • Actor David Selby developed appendicitis during this storyline. By the time he recovered, the show was canceled. The Quentin Collins in the 1841 Parallel Time story was, therefore, David Selby's last role on the show.


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