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Quentin Collins (1840)
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Portrayed by

David Selby

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Biographical Information

Quentin Collins


32 (1840)

Date of birth


Year of death


Manner of death

victim of the Last Island Hurricane


Maine, New England, USA


Naval Captain

Supernatural abilities

Constructed a ‘stairway into time’

Family members

Daniel Collins (Father)
Harriet Collins (Mother)
Gabriel Collins (Brother)
Samantha Collins (Wife)
Tad Collins (Son)
Daphne Harridge (WIfe)

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This article is about Quentin Collins who was born in the early 19th century. For his great-nephew see Quentin Collins (1897). His Parallel Time equivalent was Quentin Collins (1841 PT) and his great-nephew in Parallel Time was represented by Quentin Collins (1970 PT)

Quentin Collins (1808 - August 10, 1856) was the son of Daniel Collins and Harriet Collins. He was the brother of Gabriel Collins.


Quentin Collins was born in 1808, as the son of Daniel and Harriet Collins, and was the eldest brother of Gabriel Collins.

When he was a child, his brother, Gabriel got into an accident which left him paralyzed and left in a wheelchair, and his father Daniel considered him to have died that day. Though Quentin always took care of Gabriel, due to feeling somewhat responsible for the accident.

Marriage and Fatherhood[]

He married Samantha Collins in 1825, and had a son, Tad Collins, in 1828. Through Samantha he was the brother-in-law to Randall Drew and Roxanne Drew.

Prior to the events of 1840, Quentin's marriage to Samantha was hardly ideal. They were both miserable in their union, with Samantha claiming Tad wasn't his son, just to irritate him (she later admitted this was untrue). Quentin took a mistress, Joanna Mills, whom he loved very deeply. However, Samantha refused to divorce him and Quentin ended his relationship with Joanna.


In 1840, Quentin was believed lost at sea along with his young son, Tad. His widow took comfort in the arms of Gerard Stiles and married him after a very brief courtship. However, on the day of their marriage, Quentin and Tad returned unharmed. Samantha was forced to choose between her former husband and her new one. She wished to go away with Gerard, but when Quentin refused to give her custody of Tad she reluctantly agreed to stay at Collinwood.

Soon after these events Daphne Harridge arrived at Collinwood, to take the position of governess to Tad Collins. At first, her motives are revenge - she was Joanna's sister and blamed Quentin for her death—however as time went by she sympathized with Quentin and eventually fell in love with him.

For awhile Quentin believed he was being haunted by the ghost of Joanna until the woman herself arrived to clear him of a charge of murder. It was eventually revealed that Quentin's own wife, Samantha, was behind the trouble at Collinwood. After her death, Quentin married Daphne.

Later Years[]

In 1870, Anna Collins reveals that 14 years prior, Quentin and Daphne went on a vacation to Last Island, Louisiana. The island was destroyed in a hurricane in 1856, and Quentin and Daphne were both killed. Tad was the rightful heir to Collinwood, but turned his back on the family and disappeared. As a result, Collinwood was passed to Gabriel’s son Geoffrey Collins.

Background information and notes[]

  • His grand-nephew, Quentin Collins, was named after him.
  • In 1840, Samantha stated that she and Quentin had been married for "Almost sixteen years." This would mean their marriage took place in 1824 or 1825 when they were both sixteen or seventeen years old.


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