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Portrait of Josette

Josette's portrait

The portrait of Josette Collins was commissioned by Naomi Collins in 1796 and was hung prominently in the original Collinwood estate known as the Old House (402).

In modern times, the portrait could still be found hanging over the mantle in the parlour. David Collins would often spend many afternoons in the Old House staring at Josette’s painting (212).

In 1897, Barnabas was upset to see the portrait had been moved and accused Magda Rakosi and her husband of pawning it (702). Later that same year, Lady Hampshire and Barnabas were drawn through the portrait to the year 1797 (938).

938 B

Kitty Soames disappears into Josette's portrait

In 1967, Barnabas Collins moved into the Old House and relocated the painting from the drawing room and placed it in the second-floor bedroom once occupied by Josette in 1795. David Collins was angry that Barnabas moved the painting, but Barnabas promised him that he could visit the Old House whenever he wished in order to see it—a promise that David would come to abuse on more than one occasion (224).

Background information and notes[]

  • The portrait first appears in episode 70.
  • The first scene in Josette’s room in 1795 occurs in 374. The portrait of Josette mistakenly hangs over the mantel, but it has been removed when the next scene takes place there in 377. The portrait of Josette officially arrives in 402.
  • In 405, on Barnabas’ orders, the portrait of Josette has been hung above the mantel in the drawing room of the Old House.
  • In 1897, it is erroneously revealed that an artist named Coswell painted the portrait of Josette in 1797. In 866, the portrait is shown with a prominent signature and date in red paint in the lower right-hand comer.


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The episodes listed only constitute appearances wherein the portrait of Josette is prominently displayed. Every appearance of the Old House in the series may be considered a de facto appearance of Josette's portrait as well.