Portrait of Barnabas Collins II, by Sam Evans.

In 1967, Barnabas Collins commissioned local artist Sam Evans to paint his portrait. He told Sam that he wanted to follow in the tradition of his "ancestor" whose portrait was hung in the main foyer at Collinwood (222). Barnabas gave Sam a series of strict protocols as to how the process was to be conducted: he was to work only at night, and he was only allowed to work by candlelight. Sam never questioned the unorthodox request, but he grew increasingly frustrated with his employer, particularly when Barnabas would disrupt the sitting with the threat of the approaching dawn.

The completed portrait was hung above the mantle in the parlour of the Old House upon the spot that was once occupied by the portrait of Josette. Young David Collins was very put out to discover that the portrait of Josette had been removed in favour of the new painting (224).


  • Barnabas Collins paid Sam Evans one thousand dollars to paint his portrait.


The only appearances that will be listed are episodes wherein the portrait is given particular prominence. Otherwise, consider all appearances of the Old House parlour from episode 222 onward to be a de facto appearance of the 2nd portrait of Barnabas Collins.

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