Phillippe Cordier was the lover of Danielle Rogét until she had him killed so she could be with Peter Bradford (610). His spirit followed Danielle to 1968 when she was resurrected as Eve. Eve first sensed his presence before she and Adam fled to Nicholas Blair's house (596/597). Professor Stokes also sensed Phillippe's spirit and identified him from a book which Phillippe had written and then caused to fall out of Barnabas' bookcase. Stokes, Barnabas, and Julia Hoffman then contacted Phillippe in a séance (600), wherein Phillippe vowed to kill the man who now loved Danielle.

Phillippe's ghost then went to Nicholas' house and began to strangle Adam (and Barnabas, due to their connection)(600/601). Nicholas successfully banished Phillippe, but in the process revealed more of his powers to Adam than was perhaps wise.


Phillippe first "appears" in episode 596, but his identity is not discovered until episode 597.

596, 597, 600, 601

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