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Paul Caine was a young, red-haired, freckle-faced undercover police detective from Philadelphia. He was assigned to investigate a series of brutal murders, wherein three women had been strangled with black silk stockings. One of his primary suspects was a confidence artist named Henry Francis. In June of 1967, Caine tracked Francis and his wife, Rachel to the town of Collinsport, Maine.

Paul decided to set himself up in Collinsport under the guise of an aloof, Bohemian artist. He introduced himself to Victoria Winters under this mien and cajoled her into letting him construct a painting of Collinwood. Caine knew, that Henry Francis was lodging at Collinwood, and used Vickie as an easy means to get to him. During his investigation he began to develop emotional feelings for Vickie. Acting upon these urges however produced disastrous results, and Vickie soon began to suspect Paul of being responsible for a recent attack against her.

Paul continued to keep his eye on Henry Francis and became convinced that Francis was responsible for the abduction of a young woman named Grace Fontaine. The two squared off against one another on board a moored boat owned by Roger Collins. Henry Francis fired a gunshot into Paul’s shoulder, but Paul fired back, killing Francis.

Paul remained in Collinsport until he could properly recuperate from his injury, after which, he returned to Philadelphia.

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