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Otis Greene (c.1775−1840) was a man whose life was greatly affected by Judah Zachery in the early 19th century. He was also the grandson of the man who executed Judah and buried his body.

In October of 1803, Otis somehow obtained the Head of Judah Zachery. The Head immediately took possession of Otis, forcing him to commit a series of murders known as the "Bedford Atrocities." Each of the four murder victims were found nearly decapitated. Otis was captured and brought to trial, where confessed to the murders but said he was possessed by the Head. He was found guilty and sent to an insane asylum, and was not released until 1830.

Otis then moved to a farm outside of Collinsport and became an antique dealer. In 1840, he was interrogated by Desmond Collins, who was now possessed by the Head, about where he could find the body of Judah. Upon seeing the Head, Otis suffered a heart attack and died.


Otis Greene was Abe Vigoda's second and final role on the show.

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