Olivia’s suite is the rooms Olivia Corey/Amanda Harris takes

at Collinsport Inn (903) in 1970. Having tracked down a landscape by painter Harrison Monroe, she intends to have the painting photographed and X-rayed with the hope of finding a portrait hidden underneath. She is also searching for Quentin Collins, who is presently in the area under the alias of Grant Douglas.

The set design for Olivia’s suite was previously used for Burke Devlin’s rooms at Collinsport Inn from 1966 to 1967 (10), Tony Peterson’s apartment from 1967 to 1968 (362), Joe Haskell’s apartment in 1968 (561), Tim Shaw's hotel room in 1897 (812), and Paul Stoddard’s hotel room in 1969 (898). This set design would also be used as the hotel room where Jeb Hawkes and Carolyn Stoddard stay on their honeymoon in 1970 (969).

Burke Devlin’s suite number was 24 (21) as were Tony Peterson’s and Joe Haskell’s apartment numbers. Paul Stoddard’s and Olivia Corey’s rooms were unnumbered, but in a call to the front desk Paul Stoddard identified his room number as 37 (902), and the opening narration of episode 899 reveals his hotel room as being in “a neighboring village.”

In 1967, when trying to find out where the newly arrived Barnabas Collins was staying, Roger Collins remarked to Elizabeth Stoddard: “Anyplace other than the Inn would be considered a flophouse. There’s not a decent hotel within fifty miles of here.” (218)

All five hotel room sets use the same color curtains and drapes for the windows (green), but eventually the drapes for the windows of Olivia's suite are red (909 ). Devlin’s, Peterson’s, and Haskell’s front doors have chain locks on the inside, whereas Paul Stoddard’s and Olivia Corey’s do not, but instead show markings above the doorknob where a chain lock had previously been fastened. Olivia’s suite is the only one of these room designs to feature a fireplace (between the windows of the left wall).

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