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The House By The Sea
Beyond the Grave
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Nicholas Blair was a powerful warlock who was in league with Angelique.

It was clearly stated by Professor Stokes that Blair and he had met before and that Blair had sold the antique dealer the portrait of Angelique.

It was also strongly implied at times that Blair was a demon.

Much of Nicholas' history was open to interpretation, but when he first arrived in Collinsport (521), he answered a call from Angelique (under the alias of Cassandra Blair Collins, whose brother he claimed to be) after she was exorcised by the spirit of Reverend Trask (519). Nicholas called her back from the beyond (526). It was mentioned that the two had a bargain for Angelique's resurrection, but the details were left unexplained.

While Nicholas' stay at the house by the sea on the Collins estate was uneasy, he got by. He was never far away from Angelique and acted as her keeper. Like the crafty sorcerer that he was, Nicholas lied and manipulated his way to several diabolical plans, including a scheme involving the human creation, Adam. Seeing the sheer brilliance and superiority of his design, Nicholas wanted to use him to create a race of monsters to aid Diablos in conquering the world. Angelique made a feeble attempt to kill Adam, but Nicholas aged her a few hundred years (547) and raised her from the dead as a vampire (555).

After "Cassandra" left Roger (547), Nicholas then moved into the house by the sea (549) where he hid Angelique, Adam, and Eve (600). He used The Mirror (574) to aid in his plans until Angelique stole it (621).

Angelique existed for a while as a vampire and bit several men to bring under her control (556-602). After the grand plan was thwarted, Nicholas and Angelique both disappeared (633/634).

Nicholas returned to Collinsport in 1970, less powerful due to his previous failure. He had devised a plan to revive the Leviathans and bring the Earth under their rule (953), but this was thwarted by Jeb Hawkes and Barnabas Collins, who fought against the cult's actions (965). Nicholas was killed when Jeb placed a supernatural shadow on him, which consumed the warlock (979).

On both occasions, it was widely thought that Nicholas Blair genuinely fell in love with Maggie Evans, despite his always harping on Angelique for loving Barnabas.

Nicholas' second destruction was mentioned in the Big Finish audio drama, The House by the Sea, and the knowledge indirectly lead to the story's terrifying conclusion.

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