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New York City is a city in the state of New York. Several characters form Dark Shadows lived there for a time or visited there.

New York was the home-town of Victoria Winters. She lived and later worked at the Hammond Foundling Home until a letter from Elizabeth Collins Stoddard invited her to move to Collinsport. Aboard the same train from New York was Burke Devlin, returning to his home-town after an absence of ten years (1).

Devlin's private investigator, Wilbur Strake, also lived in New York, as did his banker, Stuart Bronson (1, 27). Lieutenant Frank Palmer also lived in the city during the 1960s.

In 1795, Millicent Collins lived in New York with her brother Daniel. They owned a large amount of real estate in New York, which was ever-increasing in value (373).

Also in 1795, the French Countess Natalie DuPres visited New York before traveling to Collinsport. She commented the city was "impossible," having neither a decent inn nor restaurant and was filled with "the most unattractive people" (368/369). She later wished to join her brother, Andre, in the city until he had completed his business there (421).

Desmond Collins and Leticia Faye left Rose Cottage in 1840 to get married in New York (1198).

Amanda Harris fled to New York from Collinsport in 1897.

Melody Devereux worked in a bookshop in New York in the 1980s (Bloodlust).