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Ned Stuart
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Roger Davis

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Return to Collinwood

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Edward Stuart

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Pennsylvania, USA

Family members

Sabrina Stuart (Sister)

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Edward "Ned" Stuart was the brother of Sabrina Stuart. When he first arrived in Collinsport, he was received with some hostility, owing to his close resemblance to Jeff Clark. However, it soon became clear that the two men were very different. Ned was fiercely protective of his sister, and blamed her fiancé, Chris Jennings, for her nervous breakdown. He cared for his sister during her illness, and with the help of Carolyn and Chris was eventually able to restore her to health.

Ned mentions to both Carolyn and Barnabas that he came from "out west" (687).

Bruno said that Ned and Sabrina were staying at the Collinsport Inn (944).

Peter Bradford (a look-a-like) also mentioned to Barnabas Collins back in 1795 that he and Victoria Winters were going to flee to the west (665). It is therefore possible that Ned Stuart might be a descendant of Peter Bradford. Possibly, Peter and Vicki had a child in the two years that they were together.

He also does not have a specific active job like Jeff Clark.

Later years[]

In Return to Collinwood, it was revealed that Ned remained in Collinsport and set up practice as a lawyer. He later married Carolyn Collins Stoddard shortly before Elizabeth's death and became the family attorney.


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