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Ned Calder was the manager of the Collins Fishing Fleet and Cannery from 1952 to 1967 (39).

In the 1940s, Liz was once in love with Ned, and he wanted her to marry him (93). However, she turned him down and married Paul Stoddard instead.

In 1967, Ned decided that he didn't want to work for Elizabeth Collins Stoddard anymore and quit. She told him she hoped she never saw him again. Ned moved to Portland, where he got another job (36, 39). Bill Malloy took over his position at the plant and continued to manage the fishing fleet (4).

When Burke Devlin returned to Collinsport a few months later and started stirring up trouble, Liz, fearing that he'd try to financially destroy her, called Ned, but he wasn't in. She requested that he call her back as soon as he could, no matter the time (1, 36). After a bit of phone tag, the two finally got in touch the next day and Liz asked him to return to work for her. He declined, but she convinced him to think about it (37-39). Despite this, Ned never returned her call.

Background information and notes[]

Ned's phone number in Portland was 311-500-098 (41).

In Return to Collinwood it is revealed that Victoria Winters was Liz's daughter from a previous relationship. Ned is the only prior relationship Liz ever acknowledged on-screen (93), so it is quite possible that he was Vicki's biological father.