Naomi Collins was a distinguished member of the Collins family in the 18th century and wife to Joshua Collins. Naomi was renowned for her taste in jewellery and maintained a large collection which eventually became known as the Collins family jewels. She gave a portion of her jewels as a wedding present to her son, Barnabas Collins, when he had arranged to marry a French girl named Josette DuPres. She also gave Barnabas ownership of the Collins family estate – a large mansion that would one day become informally known as Old House. Whether or not Naomi learned that her son was a vampire has never been revealed.

In June of 1970, the vampire Barnabas resurfaced and introduced himself to the modern Collins family at Collinwood. He presented the mansion’s matriarch, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard with an exquisite diamond necklace – the last surviving piece from the collection of missing jewels.

Notes Edit

  • There is very little information provided in the movies to distinguish the character of Naomi Collins from her counterpart in the original Dark Shadows television series.

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House of Dark Shadows (referenced only)

House of Dark Shadows (novel) (referenced only)

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