A carved Naga on the lid of the box.

Naga Box

The Naga Box, also known as the Leviathan Box, was a small wooden box given to Barnabas Collins when he was converted into the temporary Leviathan leader in 1796. The Naga Box contained the seed of the Leviathan offspring that would eventually grow into Jeb Hawkes when Barnabas took it back to 1969 with him (887, 935). The box was crucial to the success of the Leviathan plan to retake the planet Earth. Looking into the box caused susceptible humans to fall under Leviathan influence (912).

Once free of Leviathan control, Barnabas took the box to the Leviathan Altar, the one place where it could be destroyed. The box opened, and a bat emerged, attacking Barnabas (950) and turning him back into a vampire (951).

The box featured in the ceremony to transform Carolyn Stoddard into a Leviathan, but because Jeb Hawkes had fallen in love with Carolyn, he smashed it, ending much of the cult's power in Collinsport (965).

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