Music from the Audio Dramas - Volume Two





Nigel Fairs
David Darlington
Mike MacLennan

Cover Art

Stuart Manning


August 2011



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Music from the Audio Dramas - Volume Two is an soundtrack produced by Big Finish Productions. It was released in August 2011.

Publisher's summary Edit

Haunting soundtracks from the Dark Shadows audio range. Featuring music from: The Doll House, The Blind Painter, The Death Mask, The Creeping Fog, The Carrion Queen, The Poisoned Soul and The Lost Girl.

Track listing Edit

The Doll House

1. My Babies

The Blind Painter

2. Greenwich Village: 1893
3. You'll Never Set Eyes On Beauty Again
4. Eloise Verinder

The Death Mask

5. Approaching The Mansion
6. The Cabinet Of Curiosities
7. Barnabas Collins
8. Strangulations With No Marks
9. Final Hunch
10. Tony and Cassandra

The Creeping Fog

11. What Would Have Changed?
12. Wars Have Been Fought
13. All These Things Sank
14. Everything You Know Is Wrong

The Carrion Queen

15. A Fine Study Of Death

The Poisoned Soul

16. A Night Without Incident
17. Letters
18. Remembering Father
19. Letters: Part II
20. Charity's Secret

The Lost Girl

21. Back Where The Dogs Bark
22. When Was Hell So Beautiful?
23. Sorrow Breaks The Silent Day
24. Quietly Killed For You
25. The Final Showdown
26. The Sky Is Empty

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