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Mrs Hopewell
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Elizabeth Wilson

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Mrs Hopewell


New York, USA


Director of services at the Hammond Foundling Home

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Mrs Hopewell was the director of services at the Hammond Foundling Home in New York, where Victoria Winters was raised and later worked.

In 1966, Victoria received a letter from Elizabeth Collins Stoddard of Collinsport, Maine, asking her to come up and work for her as a governess. No one at the entire foundling home had ever heard of Elizabeth or her brother Roger Collins. After Vicki left, Mrs. Hopewell made some inquiries and found a girl in Bangor who told her about the Collins family (1, 8).

Later, Wilbur Strake arrived at the foundling home, asking questions about Victoria and why she was hired by the Collinses. Strake revealed himself to be a private investigator, but did not reveal for whom he worked. After he left, Mrs. Hopewell wrote a letter to Vicki informing her of Strake's visit (8).

Behind the scenes[]

In 7 and 8, Victoria referred to her as "Miss" Hopewell, though she remained "Mrs" in the credits.

When "Beginning Collection 1" (the collection that contains episode 8) was first released exclusively to MPI's "Dark Shadows on DVD Club" in January 2007, the tag scene that contains Mrs. Hopewell's dictation letter to Victoria Winters and the closing credits were somehow missing from disc 1. The disc went right from the end of the previous scene between Victoria and Elizabeth Stoddard in Vicki's room right to episode 9. Club members began complaining about this to MPI, and offered taped copies of the episode as proof. At first, MPI did not offer to replace the disc because only a few people complained about the incident. As was, MPI's original plan was to release the 6 Beginning sets to the public (from their website as well as retailers, after they had all been released to club members). Then suddenly in May just before the club release of "Beginning Collection 3", MPI put out a press release stating that Beginning 1 would be released to the public in late August (putting it between club releases of "Beginning Collections 4 and 5"). Whether this "missing scene" incident from episode 8 was the reason for the early release, or because "non club member" fans wanted to hurry up buy the remaining sets and finish their collections from "discount retailers" and avoid paying list price is unclear. However, as they released Beginning 3 to them, MPI also sent word to club members that if they returned just their "defective disc" (Beginning 1 disc 1) to them, they would send them a newly pressed copy with the scenes restored free of charge. When Beginning 1 was eventually available to the public from their site and retailers alike in August, the copies sold included this segment repaired. According to a reliable source, after receiving the "defective discs" back, MPI destroyed them. Thus all reissues of Beginning 1 in 2012 (individual and the coffin shaped complete collection) contained copies of episode 8 with the tag scene and credits restored.


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