Mordecai Grimes
Mordecai Grimes
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Thayer David

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Mordecai Grimes

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A shadow of death conjured up by Gerard Stiles



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Jeremy Grimes (Son)
Mildred Ward (Daughter)

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Mordecai Grimes (d. 1840) was a farmer who lived in Collinsport in 1840. He was the father of Mildred Ward and Jeremy Grimes.

Biography Edit

Mordecai was not on very good terms with the Collins family. He strongly believed in witchcraft and was convinced that Quentin Collins was a warlock because his herd of cattle were mysteriously killed on Collins property. He believed that Quentin killed them so he could steal his land from him, even though Quentin repeatedly said he wanted to purchase it.

During the witchcraft trial of 1840, Mordecai was scheduled to testify against Quentin and had written a letter declaring him guilty. Before he could testify, however, he was killed by a "shadow of death" that was placed on him by Gerard Stiles, who was under the possession of Judah Zachery. Mordecai's dying words accused Quentin of witchcraft, which was heard by Carrie Stokes. Charles Dawson used his letter as evidence against Quentin in court.


Appearances Edit

1154/1155, 1184

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