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  • Hey Prisonerofthenight. 

    Maybe you should try uploading the blooper images renamed with the episode # and a letter. (Ex: 182f would be under the episode 182 category) It should go in order under the category page. Worth a try. I hope this made sense :)

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    • Hi BlueWhaleCustomer,

      Thanks for the helpful suggestion. However, following your advice I checked at random a page for one of the earlier episodes that had only two images -- one was named for the episode number and the other simply "Slate". This would seem to indicate that there must be a prescribed method for adding episode images, and, if possible, I'd like to retain the captions I've created, to describe for the viewer the context of a given image. I'd also like to add not just bloopers, but also general images for episodes, because there are lots of interesting scenes and moments that are often overlooked, and I'd like to add these so that Wiki visitors have a more comprehensive idea of the depth of these earlier episodes in particular. So I'll just wait for Danny to respond to my original query. But thanks again for taking the time to help! :) 

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    • You are welcome. Anytime man. :)

      It sounds a bit hairy from what you have mentioned. I havent dabbled much into the episode images myself but I did notice a certain order that most of the images seem to be organized as.

      Have a good one Prisonerofhtenight!

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  • I tried posting earlier and it doesnt seem to be going through. Trying again with this post.

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    • No I haven't seen the entire series yet. no it doesnt necessarily have to be grave robbings, y'know? I will include the digging up and opening of graves as well..perhaps it may need a new title? I'm a bit comfortable with some storylines but not as much as you seem to be! :)

      I havent even seen Kate Jackson yet. LOL.

      I have been having a lot of fun with Dark Shadows. I have discovered that starting the series from episode 1 is very enriching and rewarding and makes the intro of Barnabas even more significant. The Phoenix storyline was very eerie and this was before Barnabas.

      We want to acquire the entire DVD set at some point. It's a bit steep for us now but we WILL have it one day. It's a collection I will truly treasure.

      I watched episodes 10, 11, 12 and 13 just a couple of days ago. I'm trying to catch up to the current 50-years-ago-today episode and then try to stay there in continuing celebration of DS's 50 years. Kind of like Danny's Dark Shadows everyday blog. If followed, you can watch Dark shadows every weekday from now until 2021 just like the original run of 1966-1971. :)

      Cheers to you as well! 

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    • I bought the complete DVD set, the "coffin box", a couple years back for somewhere around $500. This is the one to own -- it's a 16-pound mini coffin that has all the episodes plus extras.

      I just looked on Amazon (click on the link below): They've now got that complete coffin box set, new, for $384.98 ( The seller is "deep_discount_dvd_cd". I can vouch for them -- an excellent seller that I've ordered from several times. Why not treat yourselves to an early Christmas present? :)

      Yeah, sometimes, when I watch these 1966 to early 1967 episodes, and something is happening at night, I think of Barnabas lying there in his chained coffin, eyes open and aware, but unable to move and just waiting for someone like Willie Loomis to come along and be entranced by his portrait.

      Speaking of Willie and Jason, to address your comment above, it was actually only Willie who became preoccupied with the family jewels and obtaining them through grave robbing. Jason was always dead-set against it, always suspecting Willie: "You've got something going for yourself, don't you?" Jason didn't want Willie getting up to something that might get him into trouble and then blow his plan for Mrs. Stoddard and Collinwood. "Going to rob a stiff, Willie! How could ya sink so low?"

      For the grave digging page, to include both aspects, maybe an all-inclusive title like "Grave robbing/opening". Just a suggestion.

      Well, I'll be adding some of my favorite bits from those first few episodes in the next few days. Hope you'll be able to snap up that box from the Amazon link.  

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  • Hey!! You've added that Clarice Blackburn played the Sobbing Woman in 37. Florence Stanley is listed as playing her on the IMDb in episode 37 as well so just wondered where you got the info from? It's a good fact if true - the more Clarice the better!!

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    • Hi Ed (yes, I know, Joe from BF):

      My source is Dark Shadows: The First Year by Blue Whale Books (Los Angeles; 2006). As you've been watching these early episodes, presumably on DVD, then you'll recoognize that Jim Pierson's voice is heard at the end of each DVD to promote this book, about the first year of Dark Shadows. It's a collector's item, authored by Nina Johnson and O. Crock. If you're lucky, you can get a copy through Amazon. I managed to get a secondhand copy for some $200 USD (266 pages), which arrived by post just yesterday. This information, about the sobbing woman and Clarice Blackburn, comes from the Dark Shadows Cast List section, page 5. If you listen again in episode 37, the voice is not quite like Florence Stanley's, but more like Clarice Blackburn's. However, in 1968, Florence Stanley's soobbing voice is played again, at the end of an episode, after the resurrected Reverend Trask has walled the recently re-mortalized Barnabas up in the basement of the Old House. In the teaser for the following episode, the sobbing woman voice is done instead by Kathryn Leigh Scott, who appears in that particular episode. Since she hadn't appeared in the previous episode, they were just wanting to save money and used an old tape. Can't say where that is, somewhere around the 500s or 600s, but you'll get there eventually. 

      But, hey! This Dark Shadows: The First Year book is the real deal! It's officially sanctioned -- I mean, Jim Pierson wouldn't have been promoting it, at the tail end of those Dark Shadows MPI DVDs, if it weren't so! Try and secure yourself a copy if you can, no matter what the cost. Also on page 5 is the name of the actor who played the customer in the Collinsport Inn restaurant for episode 49, which I notice you haven't added, since this seems to be your area of expertise, appearances of extras and that sort of thing. So I'll hold off on adding that info until you get yourself a copy of this book and can do it yourself.

      Imagine this. The rare and marvelous Dark Shadows stuff I've ordered over the last couple of weeks, and they all arrive in the mail on the mail on the same Friday. The book I've mentioned above as well as a custom printing of a number of Sy Tomashoff's set design blueprints, and in addition the latest Big Finish audio drama Blood & Fire. 

      What an awesome start to the weekend! Keep up the great work, Joe!

      Oh, and maybe you can pass along, a special word: Though I had hoped that Diana Millay would be available to reprise her role as the Phoenix, I must say that I am greatly enjoying Joanna Going in that role in this audio drama -- such a sensuous, and, may I say, sexy voice!

      Kind regards,


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    • Ooh fantastic!!!! Yes, will have to get a hold of that!! Sounds fantastic!

      And no please do add the extra! I've just been updating links and creating pages for people already listed who don't have them as I got through the eps!!

      And ha my secret identity not so secret!! If I speak to Joanna I will but please do tweet her if you're on twitter - - she's amazing!!


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    • Ha! Yes, well I figured out your identity based on your recent correspondence here with Danny, who called you Joe. And, of course, you and I have corresponded previously in the comments section of Danny's Dark Shadows Every Day blog. And, finally, some of your earlier correspondences here voicing concern against the online piracy of certain Big Finish productions helped me to put 2 and 2 together. :)

      I appreciate your passing along Ms. Going's Twitter link, but I'm never one to contact professional actors, celebrities, etc., directly, so I'll respectfully refrain. But thank you again anyway! :)

      I must say again how much I'm enjoying this Blood & Fire audio drama, particularly as it has helped to answer for me a long-standing question regarding Mitch Ryan, as I've always wondered how he would have fared had he stayed on the show long enough to have played Jeremiah in the 1795 story. For some reason, I always thought it would have been too much like Burke Devlin, that is, too much like a "palooka Joe" type character and not enough theatrical reserve and flair, which is why I think Anthony George was more suited to that role. But now, hearing Mitch Ryan's Caleb Collins of 1767, I'm inclined to think he would have given a more solid, dynamic portrayal of Jeremiah than Anthony George. After all, what is often overlooked is that Ryan actually had more experience at the time as a Shakespearean actor then even Jonathan Frid, who is always touted for his Shakespearean background and what it brought to the role of Barnabas Collins. I mean, Anthony who?

      So, OK, I'll add the name of that extra for episode 49 before long. Hope you do eventually secure a copy of Dark Shadows: The First Year -- it really is the Holy Grail of information for fans of the pre-Barnabas episodes. The authors had access to original scripts, set design blueprints, and even network correspondence documents -- all of which are included along with a stunning gallery of previously unpublished cast and set production photos. I just cannot recommend this book enough!

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    • Awh really glad you're enjoying Blood & Fire. We're VERY proud of it :) 

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    If you need help getting started, check out our help pages or contact me or another admin here. For general help, you could also stop by Community Central to explore the forums and blogs.

    Enjoy your time at The Dark Shadows Wiki!

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