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  • I think it would be worthwhile to have character profiles containing key information on each DS characters page, something very similar is done over on the 'Lost' wiki, see here:

    These profile boxes could have the same visual look as the 'sidebar episode' info box found on the episode pages. I've drafted out two in order to show what information these could contain:


    Portrayed by: Lara Parker

    First seen: 368/369

    Last seen: 1198

    Episode count: 227

    Name: Angelique Bouchard Collins

    Also known as: Cassandra Collins, Valerie Collins, Miranda DuVal.

    Age: [unknown]

    Year of birth: 17th Century

    Year of death: 1840

    Manner of death: Shot by Lamar Trask

    Origin: Martinique, West Indies

    Profession: Witch

    Supernatural abilities: Conjuration, Elemental Control, Mediumship, Necromancy, Spell Casting, Telekinesis, Voodoo

    Family members: Barnabas Collins (Husband), Roger Collins (Husband), Sky Rumson (Husband)

    Sam Evans

    Portrayed by: Mark Allen, David Ford

    First seen: 5

    Last seen: 530

    Episode count: 106

    Name: Sam Evans

    Also known as: [n/a]

    Age: 52

    Year of birth: 1915

    Year of death: 1968

    Manner of death: Attacked by Adam

    Origin: Connecticut, New England, USA

    Profession: Artist

    Supernatural abilities: [none]

    Family members: Maggie Evans (Daughter)

    What's your thoughts on this?

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    • I've actually been preparing these for a while now. I've never never been able to customize them to my liking, but I just found the infoboxes on Inception Wiki, and they are pretty much what I've been looking for. I've got one in the works for person pages too, it seems ready to launch.

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    • Lovely, they say great minds think alike. Once you've got the template working I'll be happy to help you implement it across the wiki.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • XD1

    The trailer has finally been released for the new film, so I've put it up on the main page as that was stated to be the plan. I put up a poll to go with it, but of course you're welcome to take that down if it's not desired, or change the size of the video to preference. I also cleaned up the wordmark logo, but again, you're welcome to revert it if you so choose.

    I notice that the gradient fade on the right column boxes starts out with #BBBBBB at the top, fading down to #222222. This makes the text, which is #D5D4D4 (the default color for this scheme) very difficult to read. I'd like to adjust this for you by making the top color dark enough to create good visibility for the regular and link text, while still being lighter than the background color. I would then adjust the bottom color to be slightly darker than the background color, so that it too would stand out. A couple other things I thought would be nice would be creating custom Main Page headers in the style of the logo, and adding a "dark shadow" under the existing section boxes. This would create a 3D effect, and also, it just seems like Dark Shadows Wiki should have dark shadows. ;) Also, I made up this browser icon Browseicon

    to see what you thought of it. I see the idea behind the current one, but I don't think everyone necessarily would. Let me know what you think...
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    • XD1

      Another thing - I'm not sure if the title offset on the portal at the top of the Main Page was done intentionally, but it seems like it could use adjustment. I would be happy to take care of that as well, unless of course the current position of the titles outside the boxes is intentional.

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    • This reply has been removed
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  • Hi there. Would you mind if I add a section to the main page about the upcoming film? We can post new photos there as they come through and the trailer when it's released, to get people excited and attract the new fans. I can also readjust the news and blog sections so everything is balanced and uniform. Let me know. Thanks

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