Melody Devereux arrived in Collinsport on her honeymoon in the 1980s. She was murdered shortly afterwards.

Childhood Edit

Melody's parents died in a car accident when she was child and she was raised in an orphanage.

Later Life Edit

Melody worked in a bookshop in New York. One day, Michael Devereux visited the store and they had a whirlwind romance.

Three days after their marriage, they arrived in Collinsport for their honeymoon. They had booked to stay at the Collinsport Inn where they were greeted by Maggie Evans. They then went for dinner at the Blue Whale.

Death Edit

After their evening at the Blue Whale, Melody was attacked while walking home with Michael. Her killer was revealed a few days later.

Appearances Edit

Bloodlust, Episode One

Background information and notes Edit

Melody Devereux was played by Daisy Tormé.

Melody's backstory and arrival in Collinsport shared a number of similarities to that of Victoria Winters, implying she would be a main character throughout Bloodlust.

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