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Melanie Collins
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Nancy Barrett

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Melanie Collins


Maine, New England, USA

Family members

Justin Collins (Father)
Flora Collins (Adopted Mother)
Josette DuPres Collins (Biological Mother)
Kendrick Young (Husband)
Bramwell Collins (Brother)
Morgan Collins (Brother)
Quentin Collins (1841 PT) (Brother)
Gabriel Collins (PT) (Brother)

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Melanie Collins Young was the adoptive daughter of Justin Collins and Flora Collins and the adoptive sibling of Quentin Collins, Gabriel Collins, and Morgan Collins. She lived at Collinwood with the rest of the Collins family.


As a child, Melanie was very close to her father. When Justin entered the cursed locked room after the family lottery was held, Melanie followed him. The next morning, the family discovered Melanie cradling Justin's body. The family knew Justin would never be the same, but everyone assumed Melanie was unharmed. The next night, however, Melanie went to the locked room after dinner, where Quentin discovered her. When Quentin spoke to her, Melanie had no idea who he was. Melanie continued to have these attacks (1203).

The Curse[]

After Justin passed away, Melanie had another one of her attacks. This time, however, she became violent and attempted to stab her sister-in-law, Catherine Harridge (1203). It was then that the family was forced to reveal her insanity to her, at which time she became convinced she had murdered the family secretary, Stella Young.

Kendrick Young[]

The revelation that she was the most likely killer of Stella Young was especially distressing since Stella's brother, Kendrick Young had developed amorous feelings for Melanie which she reciprocated. This made Kendrick all the more determined to find out what was happening in Collinwood, in addition to what happened to his sister.


Thanks to the determination of Kendrick Young and the help of Carrie Stokes, Melanie learned the origin of her arrival at Collinwood. She was in reality the daughter of Justin Collins and Josette DuPres Collins (PT). Following the death of Barnabas, Josette and Justin had an affair which resulted in Melanie's birth. Justin took his infant daughter and raised her as an adoptive parent. Julia Collins discovered the truth, but never told her sister-in-law, believing it would be too painful for Flora.

Melanie married Kendrick and eventually moved to Boston where they had three children (1245). Melanie played the piano (1203).


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