Played by:
Megan Todd

Marie Wallace as Megan Todd

Megan Todd (1940s - 1970) was the co-owner of an antique shop with her husband Philip (888). In 1969, she and her husband came under the influence of the Leviathans to be the caretakers of their new leader (891). Megan guarded and protected the Leviathan child as it grew from infant to adult over a period of months (892, (905), (913/914). Once the Leviathans returned the vampire curse to Barnabas Collins, she was attacked and rose as a vampire herself (963). Megan hid her coffin in the east wing of Collinwood, and refused an offer of a possible cure from Julia Hoffman and Barnabas. She attacked Roger Collins (970) and forced him to protect her during the day. She had also attacked Sky Rumson before Roger. Megan was destroyed when Willie Loomis overpowered Roger and drove a stake through her heart (971).


  • Megan hid her coffin near the parlor which served as an entrance to Parallel Time. She was never shown witnessing the phenomenon in the room (970).
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