Meditations is a specially recorded spoken word track narrated by Jonathan Frid . Recorded in 1969, "Meditations" was released as the fifth track on the album Original Music From Dark Shadows (Volume 1) in its LP and later compact disc printings. The music is composed by Robert Cobert with words written by Loren Grean, daughter of Charles Randolph Grean.


The sound of wings, out of nowhere they appear

And into infinity they fly

I wonder if those who are sleeping in the ground

Are disturbed by the throbbing sound

Of a one way path to eternity

Enclosed in my room I speak to the quietness

Breaking the silence

Enclosed in my room I speak to the quietness

But no one replies

Eternal darkness, no light to see the unknown

I can only sleep

A single tear falls, a sad remembrance of the night

When she was told

Voices of the night echoed by the winds of time

Can you not hear them?

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