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David with an issue of Mechano Magazine 1966

David with an issue of Mechano Magazine_1966

Meccano Magazine cover June 1966

Meccano Magazine_cover_June 1966

Meccano Magazine engine building instructions page 42 June 1966

Meccano Magazine_engine building instructions_page 42_June 1966

Mechano Magazine was a publication that explained how to build and fix things. In 1967, the cover price was 35 cents (14).

David Collins read this magazine and learned about the workings of an automotive master brake cylinder. He used this knowledge to remove the bleeder valve on his father's car, causing it to crash (14, 15, 27).

The fictional Mechano Magazine was likely inspired by the real-life Meccano Magazine published by Meccano Ltd., a toy manufacturing company based in Liverpool, England, started by Frank Hornby, inventor of the construction toy Meccano which he originally called "Mechanics Made Easy".

Meccano Magazine, first published in the United States as a bimonthly magazine in 1916, was originally intended for builders of Meccano model toy kits, but evolved into a general hobby magazine for boys until its final issue published in 1981.


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