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Maude Browning

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Maude Browning was a woman who was passing through Collinsport in 1795. She gave Ben Stokes company at The Eagle while she was there. She later ran into Barnabas Collins, who tried to kill her for blood. Nathan Forbes was able to save Maude from Barnabas the first time. While attacking Maude, Barnabas dropped his cane and Nathan took it. Maude Browning died when Barnabas came to her again when he was looking for his cane. He strangled her to death and left the body in Reverend Trask's room. Nathan later discovered her body in Trask's room. Nathan offered to help Trask in exchange for him delivering a letter to Millicent Collins. Trask agreed because he didn't want anyone thinking that he was the Collinsport Strangler. In a dream, Maude appeared to Trask and told him that Nathan and Noah Gifford threw her body into the sea and that everyone will soon find out that she was found in his room.

Afterlife Edit

In 1968, the ghost of Reverend Trask summoned her spirit to serve as a jury member on a mock trial against Barnabas Collins for his crimes as a vampire. He was found guilty and Trask walled him up for revenge. Barnabas was later saved by Willie Loomis and Dr. Julia Hoffman.

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439, 440, 441, 512

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