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Matthew Samuels was a train conductor who briefly met Sabrina Jennings in The Enemy Within and Amy Jennings in The Lucifer Gambit. He then helped Sabrina and Hallie Stokes in Carriage of the Damned.

The Enemy Within []

Matthew helps Sabrina board the train as she leaves Bangor for Collinsport

The Lucifer Gambit []

Matthew talks to Amy as she leaves Collinsport for Saratoga Springs. He admires a pendant given to her by Professor Stokes and seems to be romantically interested in her. While returning to Collinsport, Matthew tells her about the arrival of Tom Lacey and the Beyond The Grave television crew. This surprises Amy and Matthew says it surprised another passenger as well. He points her in the direction of the other passenger who, co-incidentally, is her sister-in-law Sabrina - a woman she hasn't seen since the death of her brother, Chris.

Carriage of the Damned []

Sabrina once again finds herself meeting Matthew when she boards his train searching for the missing head of Gerard Stiles. Matthew proves himself to be brave in assisting Sabrina and Hallie. Despite being scared, he's calm under pressure. He briefly meets Amy again but, before he can really talk to her, she leaves Collinsport after discovering the truth about her brother's death. 

Family []

Matthew had at least one ancestor who also worked in the transport industry - James, a coach driver in New York in the 1850s. 

Background information and notes []