Marie Du Près was the wife of André DuPres and the mother of Josette DuPres Collins. The family were originally from France.

Marie married André in what his sister later described as one of the "biggest church weddings Paris had ever witnessed". They were married by an Archbishop. The service had been organised by André's father, one of the King's ministers (380).

By 1780, André was himself working for the King. On a Sunday evening, he presented his wife with a gift - a crimson pearl. That evening both Marie and André had dreams forewarning them about the French Revolution. A voice in the dream promised them that André would become a successful business owner and that Marie would remain beautiful until the day she died if they left Paris (The Crimson Pearl). 

Marie, André and their young daughter, Josette, left Paris almost immediately to join his cousins in Martinique. A few months later, Marie died during the Great Hurricane of 1780, fulfilling the dream's prophecy (Hell Wind).

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Marie never appeared in the television series although her name was mentioned by Natalie in 380. She was voiced by Kathryn Leigh Scott in The Crimson Pearl.

Appearances Edit

The Crimson Pearl, Hell Wind

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